Twelve Dead Frogs and Other Stories is an entertaining and insightful memoir and must read for everyone who aspires to become who they truly are, as artist and human being.

Filmmaker, writer, educator Schmidt takes us on a journey back in time to the beginnings of his artistic inclinations, and forward as he shares the path of making his award winning low-budget films and writing his best-selling Penguin book, Feature Filmmaking at Used-Car Prices. 

His life story is a soulful adventure of self-actualization through artistic invention, self-expression, perseverance and resilience, with a healthy dose of humor and a profound sensibility to the absurd in everyday life sprinkled on top.  He’s told his story mostly in one-to-three-page anecdotes that are full of emotion – they made me laugh and cry. 

We learn how Schmidt’s artistic style and career as an independent film artist and author was shaped by his personal life and the cultural historical forces of the times, including the San Francisco/Bay Area post-1960’s art scene. His recollections are both fun and agonizing to read, being inspired as they were by the ups and downs of love and life, and the difficulties of balancing his family with the ever-present call of his artistic muse.  

I’m still thinking about Frogs a week after reading it. It’s powerful. I’m going to read it again before giving it to my son.  Bravo to Rick for exposing his innermost feelings to his readers and for bringing the creative and emotional threads in his life and work together in this wonderful book.  

Frogs and Ricks other novels and films will make great gifts for artists aspiring to be all they can be as artists and human beings.

His books are available through Amazon and internationally on on Kindle.

Rick’s films are available to view on demand through Fandor.

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