Nature Divine by Cynthia DuVal


Nature Divine

Painted by Cynthia DuVal

Oil on canvas

40 x 30 inches

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Painter’s Notes
I began this painting while living in Northern Washington near the Canadian border. The landscapes in the area were of farm land and dwellings, pockets of forest, streams and high water tables. Nature Divine was inspired by many hours of driving seeing the the countryside in the distance and many hours of viewing the world just outside my bedroom window. Like a historical fiction writer I'm telling a journey story in this picture. It took a long time and many hours and days of work over long periods of time bring this picture forth. I finished it in my studio in Anacortes, Washington two years after my brushes first touched the canvas.

Something very deep happened while I was finishing the painting. I felt the sensation of being physically in the scene as I was completing it. The feeling was akin to a deja vu in duration. Very quick. It was almost a swoon. I felt a keen sense of looking in, over, down and through it. In that moment I understood that in my work, I see the feeling of being one with others or, one with nature.

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