The Miracle of Morgan’s Cake (collector’s edition)


The Miracle of Morgan's Cake, Production Secrets of a $15,000 Sundance Feature (collectors edition) is a must read book for your film history library.

Written by film director/author Rick Schmidt, he stays true to his brand and delivers a witty, fun, aesthetic experience packed full of useful knowledge film makers use again and again.

Bonus! The book comes with a code on the last page of the book that gives you access to watch Morgan's Cake on Vimeo.

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The Miracle of Morgan’s Cake, Production Secrets of a 15,000 Sundance Feature tells the story of how film director/author Rick Schmidt and his collaborators (Willie Walker, Morgan Feng-Schmidt and others) improvised the Morgan’s Cake story and created the award winning film.

If you’d like to learn from a master of the art and craft what improvisational film making is all about, read this book.

This collector’s edition is 5.3″ x 8″ and printed on high quality paper.  Signed and dated by the author, this book is a treasure and must have for your film library.MORGANcover


This book ships with a code and instructions to see Morgan’s Cake for free online at Vimeo.  Check the back page for your code.

This book ships free in the continental US; contact us for international shipping rates.

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Written by Rick Schmidt, the author of Feature Film Making at Used-Car Prices.

Collector's Edition

This collector's edition is signed and dated by the author.


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