Falling from heaven by Jacob (Jaap) Berghoef



Falling from heaven is a fine art photograph by Dutch impressionist photographer Jacob Berghoef. This photo was taken in Malden (near the city of Nijmegen, The Netherlands). April. 2017

Noble trees stretch out
Their arms to gently
Catch the sunbeams
When they fall

This photograph is for sale as a 20 x 30 inch fine art print for $720.00
All of Jaap’s photographs are printed on silky-matt acid-free 320 g / m2 100% cotton paper. 
Contact me to purchase this photograph in larger sizes including:   
24 x 36 inches – $830.00
32 x 48 inches – $990.00 
40 x 60 inches – 1200.00

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Falling from heaven is a photograph created by photographic impressionist Jacob Berghoef . It is offered for sale in a limited edition of four fine art prints.Berghoef’s photographs are prepared to his exacting archival standards and are collectible. Each print is signed and shipped by the artist with a certificate of authenticity.Contact me for assistance when purchasing Falling from heaven.  

Contact me to schedule an online meeting and virtual showing of more photographs from Jacob Berghoef ‘s extensive portfolio. 

Cynthia DuVal | Director at New Intelligentsia Atelier |  Contact Me 



Additional information

Limited Edition of 10 per size

Falling from heaven is sold in a limited edition of four photographs produced and signed by the artist. A letter of authentication from the artist ships with the photo.

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Free shipping to International locations from the Netherlands through DHL

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Care instructions

When opening the package take care to open it carefully. It will arrive rolled and in a tube that is inside a box. Clear and clean a table upon which you can unroll the photograph making sure that there is nothing that can damage it on the table as you roll it out.
Use clean cotton gloves and touch only the edges of the print. Do not crease! Discuss your framing options with your local fine art framer. Framing under non-glare glass is recommended. Do not hang photographs in direct sun as this may fade the colors.

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