Escaping the shadows by Jacob (Jaap) Berghoef


Escaping the shadows is a fine art color photograph by Dutch impressionist photographer Jacob (Jaap) Berghoef.  It is available from New Intelligentsia Atelier as in a limited edition of 10 prints per size.  Allof our  Berghoef photos are printed on silky-matt acid-free 320 g / m2 100% cotton paper and are quality controlled, signed, packaged, shipped and insured by the artist. 
Escaping the shadows  photograph is for sale as a 20 x 20 inch fine art print for $670.00 
Contact me to order this photograph in other sizes  
24 x 24 inches – $760.00
32 x 32 inches – $990.00 
40 x 40 inches – $1080.00

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Escaping the shadows is a color photograph by photographic impressionist Jacob (Jaap) Berghoef. 

Jacob prepares his limited edition photographs to exacting archival standards and each one ships with a certificate of authenticity.

Here is what fans are saying about Escaping the shadows…

“My favorite is Escaping the shadows. It has a sense of mystery, and it hints at many possible stories and emotions. Where is the person headed? Escaping from what?, Or are they hurrying to something else? The whole image is loaded with questions and possibilities.”  Mieke Van Geest  | Artist and Art Therapist

“I like “Escaping the shadows” because of the subject’s duality. Depending on my position relative to the subject (my conscious awareness of where the subject and I have both been), the bicycle rider is either entering or leaving a definite and known state of reality — a quantum reality! There are four possible states for the rider. This photo talks!”  Hank Jordan | Artist and Architect 

Contact me for assistance when purchasing Escaping the shadows in the size of your choice or to schedule a virtual private or group showing of  Jacob Berchoef’s art for sale.   


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Additional information

Customer Service

Customer Service
Customer service is provided by Cynthia DuVal at

Care Instructions

Care instructions
When opening the package take care to open it carefully. It will arrive rolled and in a tube that is inside a box. Clear and clean a table upon which you can unroll the photograph making sure that there is nothing that can damage it on the table as you roll it out.

Use clean cotton gloves and touch only the edges of the print. Do not crease! Discuss your framing options with your local fine art framer. Framing under non-glare glass is recommended. Do not hang photographs in direct sunlight to preserve the colors for many years to come.


This photograph ships for free to International locations from The Netherlands.

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