Duende by Jacob (Jaap) Berghoef


Duende is a black and white photograph (analog) by Dutch impressionist photographer Jacob (Jaap) Berghoef.  It is available from New Intelligentsia Atelier as a signed limited edition print of 10 per size.  The photos are printed on silky-matt acid-free 320 g / m2 100% cotton paper.

This photograph is for sale as a 20 x 30 inch fine art print for $720.00 
Contact me to purchase this photograph in other sizes including:   
24 x 36 inches – $830.00
32 x 48 inches – $990.00 
40 x 60 inches – 1200.00

Cynthia DuVal | Director at New Intelligentsia Atelier |  Contact Me 


In stock




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