The Miracle of Morgan’s Cake (pocket edition)


The Miracle of Morgan's Cake; production Secrets of a $15,000 Sundance Feature (pocket version) is a must read and reference for filmmakers, art historians, teachers, students and librarians.

Written by the always entertaining film director/teacher/author Rick Schmidt, he stays true to his brand and delivers a witty, fun aesthetic experience packed full of useful film production and management knowledge filmmakers use again and again.

“Schmidt's Morgan's Cake is a deadpan, unpretentious delight. The title character, played by the film maker's son, Morgan Schmidt-Feng, is no less comically out of sync with the world around him than the gorilla-suited David Warner character in the 1966 movie for which Morgan was named. Morgan's Cake adopts his point of view and reflects his bewilderment in sly, fresh, unexpectedly comic ways. One of the most promising films of this year’s New Directors/New Films series.”
— Janet Maslin, THE NEW YORK TIMES

Watch Morgan's Cake free online.  When you buy the The Miracle of Morgan's Cake you receive \a code on the last page of the book that give you access to watch the film on Rick's Vimeo channel.

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The Miracle of Morgan’s Cake, Production Secrets of a 15,000 Sundance Feature (pocket size) tells the story of how film director Rick Schmidt and his collaborators improvised the Morgan’s Cake story and created the award winning film.

If you’d like to learn what improvisational filmmaking is all about, read this book.


BONUS! Buy the book and use the code on the last page to see Morgan’s Cake free online at Rick’s Vimeo channel.

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