Art for Sale from American Art Collector Rodney Derrick

Rodney Derrick is an American art collector who started collecting art in 1981 and now has over 200 works of art in his international art collection.  A professional union organizer, Rodney traveled the United States organizing union workers (AFSME) and traveled the world visiting and collecting works of art from American, Latin American and European artists. When you get to know Rodney’s collection, the art history around his collection and Rodney the man, you begin to see how social awareness and compassion for political and cultural freedom fighters has driven his search and taste for art and the people who make it.

I am pleased to show and sell several pieces from Rodney’s collection through New Intelligentsia Atelier. Enjoy.

Cynthia DuVal, Artist and Exhibition Producer at New Intelligentsia Atelier | Contact me

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