One with Nature 

an online art exhibit featuring 5 artists

Jacob Berghoef  |  Cynthia DuVal  |   Mark Noble  |  Akash Mittal  |  Ramya Sarveswar

Mark Noble Gallery 


Mark Noble is a British painter who lives and works in Somerset, UK.  He is inspired by the local countryside and by Joseph Turner and other Romanic painters who were inspired by the same timeless natural beauty and seafaring culture in the Somerset area.  Mark seeks to paint the sublime in nature and convey his deep aesthetic feelings for nature in ways that his audience can experience through his paintings.  

Mark dedicates his One with Nature gallery to his father with love and appreciation for his fatherly advice and companionship all along his artist journey.  

Contact me to learn more about British artist Mark Noble or to inquire about purchasing his paintings.

Cynthia DuVal  |  Producer  |  Curator  |  Artist  |  One with Nature  |   Contact me

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Foxglove Lane  |  Cynthia DuVal  |  Oregon USA

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