One with Nature 

an online art exhibit featuring 5 artists

Jacob Berghoef  |  Cynthia DuVal  |   Mark Noble  |  Akash Mittal  |  Ramya Sarveswar

Jacob Berghoef Gallery 


Photographer Jacob Berghoef is inspired by nature and the optical and artistic effects he can get using cameras.  He is a master at his craft.  Many of his photos are taken in natural areas near Nijmegen in the Netherlands and in the Danish Thy region in North West Jutland in Denmark. Both regions are known for their special lighting effects. His photos reveal moment to moment atmospheric conditions and invite us into nature to see what he sees and feel what he feels in that time and place on earth.  If you take a minute to look deeply into the images, the simplicity and purity of nature that Jacob captures just may result in you feeling the tranquility he feels in nature.   

Contact me to learn more about Dutch photographer Jacob Berghoef and to inquire about purchasing his photographs.   

Cynthia DuVal  |  Producer  |  Curator  |  Artist  |  One with Nature  |  Contact Me

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Moonlight on the Bay  |  Mark Noble  |  Somerset UK

Last Light  |  Akash Mittal  |  Mumbai India 

Beaches of Hawaii  |  Ramya Sarveshwar  |  California USA

Foxglove Lane  |  Cynthia DuVal  |  Oregon USA

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