One with Nature 

an online art exhibit featuring 5 artists

Jacob Berghoef  |  Cynthia DuVal  |   Mark Noble  |  Akash Mittal  |  Ramya Sarveswar

Cynthia DuVal Gallery 


I am an American painter and digital artist who lives and works in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States called Cascadia. My painting practice is to immerse myself in natural areas where I live, feel them deeply, look into them across seasons and let this experience emerge through paintings I make in the comfort of art studio settings.

I use cameras and digital editing tools to play with compositional possibilities as a form of sketching.  Some of this play results in digital art. I have experienced aesthetic reverie in nature many times in my life and have on occasion achieved the same feeling when painting, making theater, films or digital images. I find this curious and quite pleasant.  One with Nature is one way I am exercising my curiosity.  In the process I have experienced states of aesthetic reverie while viewing  photography, paintings and digital art by Jacob Berghoef, Mark Noble, Ramya Sarveshwar and Akash Mittal.  It is our shared sensibility to being One with Nature that inspired me to curate art by these fine artists for this show.  

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Brought ashore by the dark of time  |  Jacob Berghoef   |  The Netherlands  |  Denmark 

Last Light  |  Akash Mittal  |  Mumbai India 

Beaches of Hawaii  |  Ramya Sarveshwar  |  California USA

Moonlight on the Bay | Mark Noble  |  Somerset UK

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