Interview with Russian Artist Maxima Artis Kosmopolites

In this post I share an excerpt from an interview I did with Maksim Vasilievich Naydenko also known as Russian artist Maxima Artis Kosmopolites. I found his film The Cartoon Coronation of Vladimir Putin Tzar of Russia online and was intrigued by the art, the humor, the courage of the piece and the technology Maxim uses to make his unusual art films.  He’s been gracious to allow me introduce New Intelligentsia audiences to his art.

Interview Excerpt

Cynthia:  What inspired you to make your film Cartoon Coronation?

Maxim:  “The main reason was Putin himself; his personality intrigues me so I decided to create his portrait. Sometime after I saw how crazy people reacted during the selection process for President of Russia, I decided to say my own word about it by writing on my voting bulletin and, in the film Freeman Chooses Freedom – Not the Next Freedom Holder.

At first the idea was to just write these words on a real voting bulletin, take a picture and publish it. Then I thought that I have a great story and great character to make a more solid and completed story using moving pictures. I decided not to go to the selection center.  It was all screened online via web cams so I could watch it from home and I did. I had no clue who was going to win the election. When almost half of the film was completed I saw Putin’s reaction to his election (a tear drop) and changed the final story to make it more sensitive and conceptual by adding his tear drop into the animation.

Our current president (Putin) and his administration provide a lot of awful stuff, like corruption, faulty voting technology, as well as consolidation with so called orthodox Christian religion. Jesus said: “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s,” and Putin is surely Caesar. However, as they say, “You can only be the king of your own.” This is what I am showing in Cartoon Coronation. It doesn’t matter if it is Putin or someone else; the crowd will only cheer a leader that gives them what they want. Individuals live like they want to live, no matter what’s written in government law. Truly free people do not need any leader at all.  This film is not about Putin – it is about power and freedom.”

About Artist Maxima Artis Kosmopolites

Maksim Vasilievich Naydenko was born in 1977 in Russia, the only child in a classical Soviet Russian family. His mother was (and still is) teaching physics in high school and his father is a military man (an air force colonel, now retired).  The nomadic life of the the family took them to live in numerous countries across the Soviet Union and Europe. Their journey ended in 1993 after the fall of the Berlin wall. At that time the family returned to their home town of Taganrog in Russia where Maksim Vasilievich Naydenko was born (as was Anton P. Chekhov and many other artists and writers).

Maksim became a student at the local technical university and the artist who is now known as Maxima Artis Kosmopolites. While at University he created several exhibitions, concerts and television shows for local and regional networks.

After graduating in 2001 he turned his attention to digital art which lead to creating Crazy Films.  Crazy Films is an art studio and recording label founded by Maxima Artis Kosmopolites and Pacific Siren (his companion Irina Gribkova.) Irina produces and promotes M.A.K.’s art (music, images, films.) Crazy Films has created several releases, including numerous artworks, a music album, 3d animations and other films featuring M.A.K.’s fine art, photography, philosophy, sound art and music.

Click to see The Cartoon Coronation of Vladimir Putin

Click to see more digital films by Maxima Artis Kosmopolites

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