Artist Journey Coaching Services for Artists 

New Intelligentsia Atelier designs and produces Artist Journey career, project and business services for artists and arts entrepreneurs. Artist services are available for visual artists, filmmakers, photographers and writers to help you design and manage your artist journeys efficiently and with purpose. I also provide research and design consulting services using a do it with you approach to arts based  innovation.  

Contact me about services and opportunities to work with me in my roles as project producer, curator, artist journey coach and arts-based innovation consultant  

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Strategic Planning Coaching for Artists

In our research with independent artists we often find that strategic planning for career and business advancement is lacking making it difficult to impossible for artists to focus on career and business development just at  the time when they are jumping enthusiastically ahead to create their next project. Taking the easy way out approach to career development in the arts is the downfall of artists who eventually become exhausted, strapped for cash and faced with career and business challenges they don’t anticipate and don’t know how to address.  This costs time and money and can be the turning point at which artist give up. For this reason we offer Strategic Planning for Artists coaching to help artists work more efficiently and with confidence to get their work seen and funded even as they get the ball rolling to create new work. 

If this sounds like a service you can use I invite you to contact me to learn more.

Cynthia DuVal  |  Coach at New Intelligentsia Atelier | Contact me

Manuscript Reading and Review Coaching Services for Writers

I love to read manuscripts and (memoirs, travel logs, novels and movie scripts) written by independent authors that are in-progress or maybe lost and languishing on the bottom of the closet floor or computer file systems.     

Last year I asked my friend Steve if he had been writing and he mentioned he had a 400-page manuscript no one had ever read.  I jumped at the chance and guess what?  It was fabulous!  I read it and gave him feedback and was able to give him the outside perspective and honest feedback he had never had before. So I set about to determine what can I do to help independent authors like Steve find audiences for their work. It turns out that having readers, copyeditors and in progress feedback is just as important for independent authors as it is for established authors who have a professional publishing team working for them.  

NIA offers several services for independent authors designed to help your artist journey doable, enjoyable and affordable. 

NIA Services for Independent Writers

  • Reading, story feedback, advising service
  • Written book reviews posted across the NIA platform and beyond (Read My Review of Twelve Dead Frogs and Other Stories, a filmmakers memoir by Rick Schmidt)
  • Interviews with writers designed to inform book cover imagers and content writing for book covers, articles and blog posts
  • Finding just the perfect art / graphic design for your book cover
  • In-progress copy editing 
  • Continuity editing
  • Hosted live virtual meetings with authors and book clubs
  • Final edit proof reading 


Shout out to Book Clubs

Are you looking to spice up your book club experience?  NIA would like to introduce you to indie authors who need readers for their manuscripts and works in progress.  

  • Read literary works of art in-progress under the cloak of secrecy
  • Discover new authors and stories to love and support
  • Become literary influencers in your community
  • Gain access to limited edition collectible books signed by authors
  • Get in on deals for bulk orders
  • Participate in citizen copy editing sessions
  • Attend online readings and discussions with authors  


Cynthia DuVal | CEO and Producer at New Intelligentsia Atelier | Contact me

Custom Designed Digital Art Exhibits, Sales & Promotion Coaching Service for Artists  

The three most common goals emerging and independent artists tell us they need help achieving are marketing and sales related.  These goals  are…

  1. Increase opportunities to show in quality trustworthy venues
  2. Grow the audience for my art beyond my local area 
  3. Increase income from art sales  

Many of the artists we’ve spoken with believe that achieving these goals is dependent upon gallery representation. The problem with this belief is that gallery representation is just one pathway to success and is available to only a few of the many talented and deserving artists who seek artistic success.  There are many other pathways artists can take.  

Here at New Intelligentsia Atelier we are address these three top needs that artists’ have through our service packages. 

We are an online promotional platform designed to promote artists to international audiences.  We design online social media campaigns to help artists show up in a professional light on the Internet. And we offer promotional services packages that include sales agent services.  Our goal is to help artists attract the attention of collectors and art galleries by producing NIA branded and custom designed virtual art exhibitions, sales and promotions. By curating and co-branding these exhibitions with our clients, we give independent and emerging artists the opportunity to shine and stand apart from the crowd.    

I invite conversations and inquiries about how NIA can help you shine as bright as a superstar through our custom designed promotions packages including participation in vrtual art exhibitions and sales events. 

Contact me if you would like to discuss your needs and learn more about our “all-in-one” promotional package.  

Cynthia DuVal | CEO |  Producer  |  Coach at  New Intelligentsia Atelier | Contact me

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