A warm welcome to Geoffrey Darwent 

Geoffrey Darwent is a self-taught artist and prolific painter who lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.The playful painting style, folk art aesthetic and love for nature he brings together in his paintings have a subdued yet delightful effect.  To see more of Geoffrey’s work please stay tuned to NIA for more posts about his work and  sign up for our mailer.

New Intelligentsia Atelier offers these paintings for sale. Contact me with your inquiries.  

Sincerely,   Cynthia DuVal  | Artist  |  Promoter | Producer | Curator |  Coach at New Intelligentsia Atelier

A painting of an old farm house on a snowy hillside by Canadian artist Geoffrey Darwent

Countryside by Geoffrey Darwent

Above  |  Countryside by Geoffrey Darwent  |  18 x 24 x 2 inches  |  acrylic on canvas  |  This painting is for sale.  Contact me to inquire.  
A paintings of a lush green landscape with an old house and skyscrapers in the distance by Geoffrey Darwent

Point of view by Geoffrey Darwent

Above  |  Point of view by Geoffrey Darwent  | acrylic on canvas  | 16 x 20 inches  |  Contact me to purchase. 
This composition was inspired by a Newfoundland landscape sans the buildings. There is something so fresh about this painting. Has the rain just passed by?  Would our feet get wet walking in the lowland area?   How quickly and randomly sunlight brightens our landscapes and our moods, especially after weeks of it!  

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