About Art Exhibitions and Sales at New Intelligentsia Atelier

My mission for New Intelligentsia Atelier is to create visually stunning online art exhibitions and sales that curators, artists and audiences love. Making this happen is a journey that began in 2013 with my online broadcasting start-up New Intelligentsia Online Cinemas. The journey continues with New Intelligentsia Atelier, my art studio and platform for creating online art exhibitions and sales.  

It will be helpful  to hear your feedback early and often as I progress. I invite you to visit often as I build and learn and adjust exhibition and sale designs and develop audiences for the esoteric artists, art collectors and arts entrepreneurs I support.  

Joyful Heart, an exhibition and sale of Recent Paintings by Ramya Sarveshwar is our first online art exhibition and sale; it features her recent landscape, still life and abstract paintings. Our second exhibition is entitled Art Collecting as a Passion and Splendid Addiction. It features expressionist and surrealist paintings from Rodney Derrick’s international art collection. 

Please sign up to receive my mailing list announcing future art exhibitions, sales and creative projects.  I am currently curating art and videos for upcoming shows. Themes I am working with are contemporary dissidence, avant garde art and watershed paintings.  Please contact me if these look like shows you would like to participate in or for any reason related to New Intelligentsia Atelier and our mission.  Thanks!

Cynthia DuVal, Artist and Producer at New Intelligentsia Atelier | Contact me

Welcome to Joyful Heart

Ramya Sarveshwar’s Joyful Heart painting exhibition is now open for viewing. It features small oil on canvas paintings of Southern California landscapes, table settings, and other-worldly abstracts. Ramya is a prolific painter often completing one painting per day making it possible for her to grow her audience while keeper her prices modest.  In the process her style is maturing and manifesting in paintings that invite you into the picture to smell and feel her joy of place. We hope you enjoy it, share it and come back often to see Ramya’s new works for sale in our secure online shop.

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Lupine Fields

Art Collecting as a Passion and Splendid Addiction

Rodney Derrick is an American art collector who has created an esoteric collection of international art from painters around the world.  Our exhibition of his work is entitled Art Collecting as a Passion and Splendid Addiction. 

The exhibition features artists Terry Rosenburg, Charles Stokes, Helen Brough, Saul Kaminer, Grimanesa Amoros, Liu Jian, Ciro Quintana, Pierre Mathieu, Faridun Negmat-Zoda and Jia Min.  Mr. Rosenberg’s painting Exception/Rule is shown at left.

Mr. Derrick is selling 15 paintings from his collection of over 200 in our online shop. Paintings by Mario Murua, Alberto Jorge Carol and Cynthia DuVal are available for purchase.

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Terry Rosenberg "Exception/ Rule”

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