One with Nature 

An online art exhibit featuring 5 artists 

Jacob Berghoef  |  Cynthia DuVal  |   Mark Noble  |  Akash Mittal  |  Ramya Sarveswar

 Produced and curated by Cynthia DuVal

March 21 2018


Photo of an eventide by Jacob Jaap Berghoef Photo:  Eventide by Jacob Berghoef


One with Nature is an online art exhibition featuring five artists who are inspired by the natural world and our deep aesthetic feelings for it. We are five of millions of artists around the world who are inspired by nature to make art. I dedicate this exhibition to all of us and to our audiences.  

My purpose is to share my curiosity in the origins of aesthetic reverie and to share fine artists expressing passion for nature, our spiritual connection and communicating about it through our art work. We, like you perhaps, are deeply interested in the beauty of nature not just as spectators but as stewards and benefactors.

Thank you Jacob Berghoef, Mark Noble, Akash Mittal and Ramya Sarveshwar for giving me this opportunity to show your work in One with Nature.  You inspire me.  

Contact me for more information about the New Intelligentsia Atelier services, One with Nature or upcoming exhibits or to inquire about purchasing art by the artists we represent.  

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Enter One with Nature Through the Artist Galleries

A light breeze after the rain  |  Jacob Berghoef  |  The Netherlands  |  Denmark

Last Light  |  Akash Mittal  |  Mumbai India 

Beaches of Hawaii  |  Ramya Sarveshwar  |  California USA

Moonlight on the Bay  |  Mark Noble  |  Somerset UK

Foxglove Lane  |  Cynthia DuVal  |  Oregon USA

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